Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bukisa - Maybe worth a try?

I've decided to give Bukisa a try.

It's another website where you can get paid for writing, this time in proportion to the number of page views that your pieces get. At first I thought this was another of the "get paid peanuts to write gibberish" type.

What convinced me to give it a go is that established, serious, successful freelance writers like Dana Prince are giving it a try, and seem to be enthusiastic.


So far I am having some problems actually using the site and submitting content. The site is still Beta, so they may be teething problems that will be sorted out soon. Also I've been using the Safari and Opera browsers, and it may work better with IE or Firefox.

On the plus side there is some very good content on the site. Though admittedly there is also a lot where people are giving their two cents worth on subjects they know little about.

Being Beta has pluses and minuses. Being in on the ground floor can be a very good thing. If you can get established as one of the more visible writers during the early days, that can become a virtuous circle where visibility snowballs and bring an ever growing flow of readers and income.


Different pieces of the site functionality work in different browsers. Everything seems to work in IE7 though. Although the site is occasionally down.


  1. I have heard or some folks trying them and liking them. They don't have the PageRank or age of eHow, so it'd be interesting to see how it compares.

  2. eHow doesn't pay writers outside of the US so that's one difference that's rather relevant to me. Another is that they accept a much broader variety of content that the step-by-step instruction stuff on eHow.

    They definitely seem to be going for eHow's turf, so it'll be interesting to see if they get anywhere! But there seems to be a bit of a buzz out there about them.